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About Pinnacle PSG

Through our determination to become wholly people focused, Pinnacle PSG has rapidly evolved into a true benchmark within communities for public service delivery.

With housing management at our core, Pinnacle PSG currently offers a broad and complimentary range of neighbourhood solutions. It enjoys a formidable reputation for striking a pragmatic balance between the interests of all stakeholders – service users, clients and shareholders. As such, due to our management efficiency, not only has Pinnacle PSG enhanced community living, but has also created a thriving business in the process.

By making people our focus, Pinnacle PSG is unique, and our business model has become a benchmark for imaginative planning, service integration and diversity. At the same time, we have won tremendous kudos from clients due to the increased value generated on their behalf while supporting the Government’s sustainable communities’ agenda.

And, with communities subject to ever-increasing political concern, Pinnacle PSG is well equipped to extend its activities even further into the public sector.






Successful businesses know that identifying with and giving to the community is vital if they are to gain a genuine sense of trust. Pinnacle PSG is no exception. Indeed, we are open in our dealings, transparent in our pricing, and deeply committed to enhancing the communities with which we’re involved.

Pinnacle PSG is part of the Pinnacle Regeneration Group. Pinnacle Regeneration Group is the holding company for a group of businesses providing a comprehensive and integrated range of services to and investment in communities and the wider public sector. Pinnacle PSG's sister companies include Regenter , Pinnacle People  and Pinnacle Regeneration Capital.


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