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About Pinnacle PSG

Corporate Responsibility

At Pinnacle PSG, we take our responsibilities and commitments very seriously, and are determined to conduct ourselves in an exemplary way.  We are dedicated to making a positive contribution both to the communities we service and to society as a whole. That's why we have voluntarily made our services accountable for the effect they create, an approach which is included in our Corporate Responsibility statement.

As for Pinnacle PSG's accountability to our stakeholders, we are continually striving to improve our responsiveness and matching our statement with their current expectations. The same principle applies to all interested parties, and we are unrelenting in our efforts to better our corporate awareness, sustain continuous growth and align our statement with the current expectations of our shareholders. Our commitment is threefold. For customers and clients, we set out to deliver creative, imaginative and dependable solutions.

For communities, especially in disadvantaged areas, we focus on 'liveability', and work to develop schemes that make secure, comfortable neighbourhoods a reality, with minimum damage to the environment.

Finally, Pinnacle PSG staff benefit from work practices that are sustainable, productive, and safe; that embrace diversity, reward performance and stimulate personal development. These factors, together with strong ethics and the chance to be involved in making decisions, combine to produce a positive atmosphere in which people can thrive. 

1. Our communities 

Our objectives are to:

  • Be the number one provider wherever we operate.  Behaving responsibly towards our communities involves meeting and exceeding our customer and client KPIs, and ensuring we are delivering value for money.  Our work has a direct impact on the quality of our residents’ lives, and we take that responsibility very seriously.
  • Maximise the ability of PinnaclePeople, a company that is part of the overall Pinnacle Regeneration Group, to place unemployed people into full-time, sustainable employment, either within Pinnacle PSG, or in other organisations.  This objective runs hand in hand with our commitment to employing local people to deliver our services wherever possible.
  • Maximise the incidence of specific projects undertaken by Pinnacle staff that give back to the communities in which we work, predominantly through our management challenge concept.  This involves combining leadership development programmes with leaving a tangible legacy in our communities.
  • Support activities already happening in local communities and encourage new initiatives with an emphasis on participation, eg through Tenants and Residents Associations. This builds capacity and also relates to our aim of involving service users in shaping the changes that they want.
  • Encourage our staff to take paid time off work to engage in charitable activities.  All staff are entitled to two paid days per annum for charitable work. 

Our commitment to our communities is measured by:

  • Our performance against our KPIs
  • The number of people we help into full-time, sustainable employment
  • The number of specific projects carried out during the year in our communities
  • The number of staff engaging in charitable activities over the year


2. Our environment 

Our objective is to reduce our adverse impacts on the environment.  This involves:

  • Recycling as much as we can
  • Minimising the use of chemicals in cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts
  • Investigating the use of alternative fuels for our van fleet
  • Reducing energy use through for example ensuring computers and lights are turned off every evening
  • Responsibility for the objectives lie with the managers and staff who can have the most affect.  It is the people delivering our services on the ground who have the major responsibility here, as they are the people who minimise the use of chemicals, who maximise recycling, who make sure energy is used efficiently in buildings and vehicles etc.

Our commitment to the environment is measured by the annual independent assessment of our ISO14001 award for our environmental management system.  We have had this certification since 2001, and includes specific annual targets for the objectives above.

3. Our staff

Our objectives are to create a working environment which is:

  • Safe
  • Embraces diversity
  • Stimulates personal development
  • Celebrates and rewards performance
  • Encourages staff satisfaction

Responsibility for the objectives lies equally with the HR department and our operational managers.  The HR department can only create the right policies and procedures for the objectives.  It is the managers on the ground that deliver them. 

Our commitment to the staff is measured by:

  • Reduction in the number and seriousness of accidents
  • Success of our Diversity Strategy
  • Numbers of staff achieving NVQs / Work Place Diplomas each year
  • Results of our annual staff questionnaire
  • Receipt of the Investors in People Award
  • Success in other externally accredited awards, such as the Sunday Times best 100 Companies to Work For Award, which we achieved in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008.  This award is based purely on what the staff think about working for the company.



4. Suppliers/contractors/sub-contractors

Our objectives are to:

  • Procure our supplies and sub-contractors locally wherever possible
  • To insist our suppliers implement positive diversity and environmental policies
  • To purchase environmentally friendly products
  • Responsibility lies primarily with the central procurement team in the wider Pinnacle Regeneration Group. 

However, the team also relies on all of our managers ensuring they procure through the team, and therefore with the suppliers and sub-contractors that have been identified as making positive impacts towards our objectives. 

Our commitment to ensuring the responsibility of sub-contractors / partners is measured through our monitoring the practices of our suppliers in the fields of diversity and the environment, and adjusting our purchasing strategies accordingly. 

5. Shareholders

Our objective is to create a sustainable and growing business.  Responsibility for the objective lies with every person within the organisation, particularly our management population. 

Measurement of our performance against the objective is reported directly to the shareholders through monthly finance performance reports, and ultimately the statutory accounts of the company. 



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