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About Pinnacle PSG

Values, Vision & Mission

People Places Potential

Our vision

Investing in people, transforming places, maximising potential.

Our mission


By putting people at the centre of everything we do, we build teams who genuinely care about the communities they work in and take pride in the quality of the services they provide to customers.

By delivering works and services that focus on the environments in which people live, we can work in partnership with our customers to look after their assets and protect their communities.

By combining the best from our staff, the people we serve and the places we manage, we can maximise the potential for stronger, more sustainable communities. 

Our values

1. Respect
-   Client/customer
    Always smart, in uniform, on time, polite and courteous
-   Colleagues/manager
    Always on time, listen, no criticism behind people's back 
-   Diversity
    Respect the diversity of our staff and customer base
-   Environment
    Take care of the impact our work has on the environment
-   Property
    Take care of company property (IT, equipment, vehicles)  


 2. Involve
-   Embrace the contribution of others, be open to their ideas
-   Be inclusive in decision making, work together
-   Get involved in areas outside your own work area, and in the
    communities we work in

3. Trust
-   Do what you say you’re going to do 
-   Be trusted with information and confidentiality 
-   Be trusted to uphold the reputation of the Company 

4. Challenge
-   Challenge the way you work, look for better ways
-   Challenge poor behaviour in others
-   Challenge clients by suggesting new ways we could help  

5. Deliver excellence
-   Take personal responsibility for your job, right first time 
-   Exceed individual objectives, make a positive difference 
-   Put customers first, be responsive, solve their problems 


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