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Case Studies

Catering services


Pinnacle PSG provides facilities management to 10 primary schools across Leeds. Catering services for school staff and pupils are included in the scope of the contract – this covers not only food preparation, but the way it is served and how lunchtime periods are managed.

Pinnacle PSG’s catering service has been awarded the top five star rating for quality by Leeds Council. Its team works closely with the head teachers to ensure that it is providing a range of healthy, attractive and inspiring food for all.

The project

Recently, Rawdon Primary School worked with Pinnacle PSG to develop a new initiative dubbed ‘Family Style Dining Service’.  This initiative encourages pupils to sit down together with staff at lunchtimes to eat their meals, promoting social interaction and food education over the dining table.


This new way of dining has had a positive impact on pupils’ behaviour and eating habits, but particularly for one child who suffers from Autism. The boy had a distinct set of autistic emotional issues with food which led to aggression and distress.  However, since the introduction of the new initiative, the boy’s behaviour has improved dramatically, so much so, that he is willing to sit calmly for the whole lunch service and try new foods. Both his parents and the school have praised the catering team’s determination and support in making the initiative such a success.


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