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Case Studies

Summer holiday improvements

Over the summer holidays the Pinnacle PSG team completed a range of improvements to 19 schools across the country. In all over £1.4million worth of work was completed involving everything from replacing vinyl floor trim, to creating a new catering teaching facility.

The project and outcomes
The largest projects involved Clacton schools where amongst other projects the team created a new Year 7 dining facility including kitchen, replaced some 100 windows and doors, replaced several roof areas and created a bespoke catering teaching facility for vocational training. One of the more interesting and rewarding projects was the successful restoration of the ‘old library’ at Clacton County High School, which required Pinnacle PSG to restore timber and plaster work to it’s original 1920s condition.

Projects in Leeds and Kirklees also saw Pinnacle PSG undertake major redecoration works at all 10 schools, provide external canopies and replace a large surface water attenuation tank which had caused a school playground to collapse.

The three schools in Slough also received considerable makeover works including the extension to the Beechwood School dining room.

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