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Case Studies

Wellington Mills TMO
(Tenant Management Organisation)

Wellington Mills Housing Co-operative, in the heart of London, in Waterloo, is the oldest Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) in Lambeth, having been created in the days of the Greater London Council more than 30 year ago. It gets its name from the Oakey sandpaper factory or mill that stood on part of the site the estate now occupies.

Today, 138 properties make up the Wellington Mills estate which is located on a triangle between Kennington Road and Westminster Bridge Road. The land the estate was built on is steeped in history, with records showing that in the late 1700s a female orphanage stood on the site.

Since February 2004 Pinnacle PSG has been working in partnership with Wellington Mills to provide comprehensive estate cleaning, office cleaning, light testing and litter picking on the estates open spaces.

Delivering on commitments
A key element of the contract is the management and maintenance of the estate as well as its public spaces. The cleaning consists of the usual, basic regular cleans such as litter picking, sweeping, mopping, wiping down ledges/hand rails, polishing lifts, cleaning internal glazing, washing out bins rooms, but also includes specialist tasks such as mechanical jetting. As part of our commitment to providing more than just a cleaning service, Pinnacle PSG staff also report back to the client any communal repairs required, incidents of anti-social behaviour and abandoned vehicles.

Pinnacle PSG uses ‘Scrutinize’ technology which monitors service performance levels and issues, in real time. The service is available to the residents through web-based reporting technology.

Working with the community
The service provided by Pinnacle PSG is delivered by two full time staff supported by supervision and management staff. Wherever possible, this involves services being provided by locally employed multi-disciplinary teams, demonstrating Pinnacle PSG’s support for the local economy and community.

We place great importance on relationships with those we work with, always wanting to hear what residents in the local community have to say. We have established good day-today contact and relationships with estate residents and organise regular estate walkabouts and joint inspections. We also work closely with the TMO housing manager who is appointed by the TMO board. The Pinnacle PSG team manger, responsible for the cleaning service delivery, inspects the site fortnightly with the TMO housing manager and any interested residents.

Measuring Pinnacle PSG’s success
TMOs were created on the basis of estate resident groups empowering themselves to ultimately appoint contracts themselves for a whole range of services. This contract is awarded on a one year rolling program basis, and is very much dependent on resident satisfaction. A measure of the standard of Pinnacle PSG’s service delivery and success to date is highlighted by the fact and since winning the contract five years ago, it has been renewed on an annual basis ever since.

In the regular estate residents’ survey undertaken by Pinnacle PSG, it scored highly, with all residents satisfied with Pinnacle PSG’s overall performance. A ranking system using gold silver or bronze as an indicator is used, with silver at least meeting the contract’s required standard. The performance across the services on the estate has always registered as Gold.

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